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Welcome to the DialABaker community! It is a very special family where we understand our client and promise to be with them through their culinary journey!

This site is the answer to an oft asked question – I can cook/ bake excellently, everyone really appreciates my creations and yet I get such few new orders. What can I do to market my products better and increase my reach across all borders?

In all our meetings and all our chats this single question emerged as the foremost problem faced by all Home bakers and chefs, regardless of their city and expertise.

We put our heads together and after much discussion we came to a few conclusions:-

  • Professional bakers and chefs working from home are not given the same importance as those from Bakeries and Restaurants.
  • Their products, though much superior in terms of quality and design, are not popular enough.
  • Not many people apart from their own social circle know of their work. is a website designed to address all these and more. We promise to introduce and market your masterpieces all across the world. We will be marketing online as well as onsite! We will be arranging Bake sales and events to introduce you in your city. We will also teach you how to improve your marketing skills by mailing you tips on a regular basis!

We also know of your thirst and passion to learn. So from time to time DialABaker will be organizing demonstrations and meets with the specialists in your own field as well as those from others. If you have a question or need to consult a specialist there will be a column to help you out. There will be blogs on different topics. And since this is your website you are invited to send in your articles too!

There will be exclusive tie-ups with whole-sellers and retailers. And so much more….

The Bakery and Restaurants are facing the biggest threat today from Professional Home Bakers and Chefs. Let us give them some more sleepless nights!!

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