I am not getting sufficient orders!

If I lower the price maybe I will get more orders.

But how do I lower the price?

Maybe I should use cheaper inferior ingredients.

Be honest. How many times have you thought this? Discussed with fellow Home Bakers and Chefs?

Let us discuss it once more.

How do YOU calculate what to price your product? You add up all ingredients costs and add some more for yourself. Correct?

Well, that is NOT correct.

Have you added the following? :-

  • The cost of your time spent on shopping for the ingredients.
  • The travel costs
  • The cost of the electricity and gas used.
  • Cost of your Visiting card and advertising pamphlets

And that is not to speak of time spent on learning, of money spent on expensive gadgets, of researching so you can make the exact delicacy that the client wants!

Let us get back to the point made at the beginning. Do you seriously think you can use inferior quality ingredients? That is your USP! People order from you because they trust you to use the best! And the best ingredients give the best taste!

So how then can you increase your orders without lowering your rates or compromising with your quality? Marketing and Advertising are the answers.


What are the easiest ways to market your product?

  • Spread the word through your friend circle.
  • Give out free samples to the people who you feel have the potential to become your customers (not your free loading friends and relatives and neighbours!)
  • Take part in exhibitions and Bake sales in your neighbourhood.
  • Have a Facebook page.
  • Become a member of DialABaker.com and such marketing websites.
  • Join as many Facebook pages and Watsapp groups as possible and post your product pictures there.
  • Do have a Company name and logo as that makes you look more professional.
  • Have your visiting cards made and give away as many as possible.
  • If you are supplying a cake to a known person request if you can keep your card or brochure in a discreet corner.
  • Always ask your satisfied customers to leave a review on your Facebook page. Most people do check past reviews before ordering.
  • Learn to click great photographs which would leave a viewer drooling! Or get a friend to do so!
  • Simple changes like making your latest product pic your Watsapp pic help.
  • Ask your local grocery store and stationery stores if they can put up your poster.
  • Tie up with your nearest Florists. Have a reciprocal system in which you and them both are winners.


Marketing methods are not always difficult or expensive. Find few which work for you.

All the Best!

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